Outside the Frame photo exhibition by ND CHOW at Tokyo Tower gallery


Outside the Frame
Photography is not art. Anything is art. Nothing is art.


Outside the Frame presents a series of works and reflections by ND Chow stemming from the research he undertook in completion of his Master of Fine Arts, through Lasalle College, Singapore, in 2019. This body of work undertakes a critical examination of the importance of relationship development in collaborative portraiture in contemporary fine-art photography. ND Chow would like to thank the many contributors to this project, as well as The Tokyo Tower Gallery for their generous support in the staging of this exhibition.

会期 2022年2月18日~3月9日
   10:00~22:00 (最終日20:00)

TTA STORE 東京タワーフットタウン 2F

企画制作  【仮】「東京タワーで、あいましょう。」計画室
制作協力 AIHARA MANAGEMENT&DIRECTIONS/株式会社BJ/ 「東京タワーで、あいましょう。」計画室 FUKAN(Model)
印刷協力 大日本印刷株式会社
特別協力 株式会社TOKYO TOWER