Born in Singapore, ND Chow relocated to Tokyo in 2000 to pursue his dreams of becoming a successful portrait photographer. Before his move to Tokyo, ND spent two years globe-trotting to discover the world and himself. It proved to be his turning point. It also laid the foundation for his visual sensibilities, aesthetics and philosophy as a photographer today. The influence of those formative years permeates the images ND creates today.

A man of contradictions, he is known both for his gentleness and his ability to ‘destroy’. His gift of playful intuition and keen insight into the human nature has disarmed his subjects before the camera lens, collapsing their carefully crafted personas to expose the inner lives behind these iconic faces. What emerged are authentic images of beauty, character and honest vulnerability. In 2004,he published his first photobook which chronicled Seiji Ozawa, are nowned music director and ex-conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. The creative breadth of his work in photography also saw him creating album covers for pop stars such as Ayumi Hamasaki, as well as photographed key cultural icons such as Takeshi Kitano, Pharrell Williams, Cyndi Lauper and Patti Smith.

ND’s work is widely seen in major Tokyo publications like POPEYE, SPUR, GINZA, GQ Japan, Elle Japon, nero, as well as in prolific foreign magazines like WERK and West East magazine. He has also photographed for many global brands in their publicity campaigns, including Shiseido, Kose, Puma, Coca-Cola, Seiko and Panasonic.

He currently resides in Tokyo where he continues exploring new boundaries in his editorial and creative projects. ND studied at the Lasalle Collage of the Arts and received a Master in Fine Arts in 2019.

シンガポール生まれ。肖像写真家としての成功を目指し、2000年東京へ移住。東京へ移る前 の2年間、世界と、そして自分自身を発見するために、アンディは世界中を旅した。それが彼の原点であると同時に、今日の写真家としての視覚的な感性、美学、哲学の基礎がこの旅で形成されたと言える。それは彼がつくり出すイメージによく表れている。優しさと破壊する力、その両方を併せ持つ、矛盾した人間なのである。アンディの才能は、人間に対する遊び心と鋭い洞察力だ。


2004年、『小澤征爾サイトウ・ キネン・オーケストラ欧州を行く』を出版。ツアーに完全密着したフォト・ドキュメンタリーは、 最初の写真集と言える作品となった。作品はほかに、浜崎あゆみをはじめとするアーティストのアルバムカバーや、トム・ハンクス、北野武、ファレル・ウィリアムス、シンディ・ローパー、パティ・スミスなど世界的な著名人のポートレイト等、多岐にわたっている。

日本では、 POPEYE、GINZA、SPUR、GQ JAPAN、ELLE JAPON、Nero等の雑誌を中心に活躍中。また、海外の雑誌、WERK、West East Magazine等の仕事もしている。また、資生堂、コーセー、Puma、Coca-Cola、SEIKO、 パナソニック等のキャンペーン、広告ビジュアルも多数手がけている。