The passion that bonds can sometimes be the same that restrains.
Joy. Pain. Ecstasy. Anguish.
Why do we still hold on to it so tightly?
Through pain, can we have a deeper understanding of love?

Inspired by the ancient Japanese artistic form of rope bondage called Kinbaku, ND Chow explores the intimate subject of love, as his model Aika engages in an exploration of self-tying.

Daitokai (Cafe & Bar)
est manivia 1F,2-20-16 Higashi,Shibuya,Tokyo
Tel. 03-6427-5109
12/4/2015(Fri) to 12/8/2015(Tues) 19:00~26:00
5th(Sat) & 6th(Sun) 15:00~26:00
entrance fee : ¥500

Poster designed by: Hikari Machiguchi (Bookshop M)

Observations of the Ordinary by Chow3.
Venue: ION art gallery
Opening Reception: Oct 19 (Mon), 7pm
Exhibition Date: Oct 19, 2015 – Nov 1, 2015


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